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Commercial Property Management

In addition to our highly regarded residential property management business, Summit has built a long track record of success owning and managing commercial properties.  We have a footprint throughout the country with a concentration in the Northeast and Tri-State Area. Our portfolio includes retail stores, open air shopping centers, retail complexes, fitness developments, restaurants, commercial offices and parking facilities.


In addition to our stand-alone residential and commercial capabilities, Summit’s expertise bridges these markets through our revitalization work on behalf of our residential clients whose properties include commercial stores. Where management companies often treat these commercial pieces as an afterthought, Summit’s approach is notably all-inclusive, proactively identifying commercial revenue generating opportunities as part of the larger strategy.


As a result of our multi-market skills, we are frequently called upon to restore and modernize our residential clients’ commercial stores. We are able to significantly increase revenue by (i) using our project management experience to formulate a cost-effective way to renovate and (ii) always keeping target tenants in mind. In some instances, we have doubled the revenue in less than 5 years.


Summit has invested thousands of hours creating resourceful and innovative solutions, working closely with clients of diverse backgrounds and sizes. Ranging from small closely held businesses to tenants leasing 20,000 plus square feet of space, our full-service platform is positioned to add significant value regardless of size or industry.


Given our over 3 decades in the industry, our network of professionals spans all disciplines including general contractors, engineers, energy experts and architects. To maintain our leading role in the industry our networks are methodically selected and regularly re-evaluated for performance. We are recognized across all markets for our attention to detail and we deliver a wide-ranging package of services including the planning and management of creative capital projects.

Residential Property Management

Summit has successfully managed residential housing for over 30 years. Our strengths include hands on management, creative solutions to challenges and prudent financial administration. What sets us apart from others in the industry is our extensive rehabilitation and capital improvement work. Summit has invested thousands of hours on resourceful and innovative solutions, including participating in public-private partnerships and navigating access to government subsidies... 

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