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Our Team

Summit is proud of the team it has developed over the years as it is inimitable in many ways. First, we have been there since the very beginning: one of the first-to-market in the affordable housing property management industry with a commitment and a mission to improve the communities.


Next, our Team’s diverse background, training and experience has been intentionally cultivated to be one of the broadest in the industry, resulting in the highest level of intellectual collaboration and serving as the core of our creative solutions-based approach.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Summit resourcefulness -- in both identifying and executing capital improvement projects and in our project management platform. This common denominator in our team DNA has resulted in a carefully curated network of tradespeople and direct access to sources of funding, rebates and other savings on behalf of our clients.


Being forward-looking in our approach is what makes us so successful in identifying revenue opportunities for our clients.
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