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Our Mission

Summit is an established leader in the property management business whose mission is to manage and enrich the properties and the communities in which we serve. Our expertise comes as a result of several decades spent creating valuable public private partnerships with owners, boards, and city and state governments. Our network of professionals is wide-ranging and both consistently and carefully curated. 


Building on our 30 years of successes in the affordable housing, mixed-use and commercial arenas, our full-service platform is positioned to add significant value across all markets. Known for our attention to detail, Summit delivers a comprehensive program of services ranging from invaluable financial controls to the design and management of opportunistic capital projects.  With these attributes, along with our commitment to environmentally sound and socially responsible results, we have earned our reputation for adding value and offering the most creative and forward-looking solutions to our clients.




Mr. Freedman, Vice President of Summit Building Management, Inc. (“Summit”) has over seventeen (17) years of business management, real estate management, real estate finance and transactional experience.  He is active in the professional real estate community, participating in various organizations that drive policy and standards for their industry. Mr. Freedman is consistently maximizing value for Summit’s clients and residents, while advancing the communities and neighborhoods where Summit is engaged. He has a resourceful network of experts that he is committed to bringing to the table on behalf of his clients. In a business that is constantly evolving, based on changing needs and economic conditions, he maintains a vision for continuing to take Summit forward, ahead of industry developments and trends....

Our network of partners spans all disciplines, is methodically selected and regularly evaluated for performance.

Value 01.


Our work is grounded in a deep respect for supporting the history of communities and revitalizing them for the future.

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