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Social Responsibility


Social responsibility along with investment in the future has been a 32-year initiative for Summit. Embedded in our culture from the very beginning, we regularly think ahead for ways to positively influence the industry and set the bar higher.  As evidenced by the decades of Summit’s commitment to affordable housing, we believe that through rehabilitation and improvement, we strengthen the individual properties we manage and improve the lives of the families in these communities.


At Summit, we have and continue to develop a deep understanding of the communities with which we work. We look at not just the specific deliverables required but the value added for the site and the neighborhood as a whole.  The financial, environmental, capital and security improvements we both envision and deliver, enable the residents and owners to feel proud of their neighborhoods.  In our experience, and as stated by many experts in the field, advancing communities in this way leads to more positive outcomes in the mental and physical health of those who live and work there.


Finally, we understand that the needs and requirements of our clients are dynamic, and we remain dedicated to evolving with and for, the communities we serve.

Managing properties as if we owned them ourselves leads to significantly greater results for our clients and their communities.

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